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     This could be a great opener for a session on quality.
Recorded references are very powerful and can enhance the
credibility of any research data you present.


If you discuss a book or refer to some ideas from it, have a copy
with you to show the audience. Hold it up high so they can see
the front cover of it. Attach a 3 x 5 card on the back, with notes
listing the key points you want to mention. Everyone will be
amazed at your knowledge! Use "Post-it" notes to mark any
chapters that you plan to quote. As mentioned previously, book
marks can fall out at the wrong time and you’ll look like a dunce
trying to find the words of wisdom.
     Clearly announce to the audience the full title, the author’s
name, the publisher and the ISBN number so they can easily
track it down. Tell them where it can be purchased and the cost.
Prepare this information on an overhead or flipchart so everyone
can copy it. They will love you for the little added service you

Magnetic Whiteboards

A unique and effective way to construct diagrams and show
pictures is to mount them with adhesive rubber magnetic tape
and place them on a magnetized whiteboard. Lots of flipchart
stands have these on the back. Rolls of magnetic rubber tape
can be purchased in sophisticated office supply stores. All you
have to do is gently place your "magnetized" pictures and
charts on the whiteboard and they’ll stay there until you take
them off.

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