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Video Cassette Recorders

The rules for these are similar to those for showing a film.
However, VCRs are a lot simpler to use. It is important to
ensure the tape is rewound and cued to the exact point you
want to begin. Adjust the volume in advance - test to ensure
it will be loud enough.
     Practice with the VCR in advance until you can smoothly
turn it on and off. Do not let the audience become distracted as
you fumble around trying to begin.
     Every machine is slightly different. Donít leave the group
waiting impatiently for the tape to run. Twenty seconds spent
waiting is like an eternity!
     Be sure the VCRís clock is not flashing. This is very
annoying to viewers. If you cannot fix it, cover it with your
business card and some tape!
     Carry a video head cleaner cassette with you. Run it
through before you show your video.

Audio Cassettes

Cassette tapes can be very useful during a presentation, either
for music, sound effects or recorded speech. Some presenters
play a tape recorded introduction. Others just use up-beat
background music to set the mood for the show. Sounds are
always effective for entertaining speeches and any situation
where you want a certain mood or a really dramatic effect.
     Tape recorded interviews can be used quite creatively.
For example, they are appropriate if you are surveying cus-
tomer opinion or collecting testimonials about a new product.
You can play a tape of different customers praising or criticiz-
ing the item. (If you donít like certain input, just erase it!).

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