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     Do you emphasize understanding when you communi-
cate, as opposed to agreement?
     Do you put in every effort to make it easy for others to
understand you?
     Here are some common mistakes people make when
trying to communicate. These apply to speaking to a group as
well as to an individual:

No, Nos In Public Speaking
  • Talking too rapidly
  • Speaking in a monotone
  • Using too high a vocal pitch
  • Not smiling enough while talking
  • Talking and not saying much
  • Presenting without enough emotion or passion
  • Using too many "big" words
  • Using abstractions without giving concrete examples
  • Not explaining the meaning of words and expressions
  • Using unfamiliar technical jargon
  • Not introducing the message and its relevance clearly
  • Using poor grammar
  • Talking so quietly that people cannot hear
  • Using slang or profanity
  • Talking without preparation or knowledge of the topic
  • Disorganized and rambling performance
  • Not making proper eye contact with listeners
  • Fidgety behaviour that distracts the listeners
  • Talking down to the audience
  • Indirect communication i.e. beating around the bush
  • Not summarizing and concluding the message clearly
  • Failing to use visual aids to illustrate points
  • Insulting the audience’s intelligence
  • Not asking for action

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