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Multimedia Shows

For sophisticated business presentations, you might want to
prepare a fast paced multimedia show with a variety of moving
and single framed images. I will not go in to detail here as there
are many companies who design customized slide and visual
shows. However, two slide projectors used in tandem can give
you extra flexibility without necessarily costing a great deal of
money - just some time in preparation.
     Often, itís effective to show your primary slide on the left
side of the screen with a secondary slide beside it on the right
side. The secondary pictures can be used to provide details
explaining the primary slides. For example, if you are describ-
ing the components of a manufactured part in different stages,
you might show a slide of the finished product on the left with
a slide highlighting one phase of production at a time on the
right. The combinations of slides available to you are endless,
yet the principle is the same: use one to illustrate a central
point and another beside it to describe each subordinate point.
     You will probably want to have an assistant to operate the
projectors for you. A script, even a rough one, is essential to
ensure smoothness. It takes a great deal of practice to work
with two slide projectors at a time!


These can provide a very powerful way of reinforcing your
message. They can be most effective when making a longer
presentation. Films cost a lot to create but are inexpensive to
rent. Be sure that they fit your purpose and are appropriate for
your audienceís tastes and interests.
     It is vital that you provide a proper introduction to the
movie, clearly explaining your purpose in showing it and what
you want everyone to gain from it. Do not ever just turn it on

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