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Flipcharts to Gather Information

You might want to use flipchart pads to note audience feed-
back. Again, plan in advance. Anticipate the information you
will get and plan how much space you’ll need to use. The
advantage of flipcharts for audience feedback is twofold:
everyone can see the points that have been brought up, and
there will be a permanent record of ideas which you can take
away and refer to later on. This is helpful when you want to
compare the responses of different departments or groups to
the same ideas. Practice tearing pages off your flipchart pads.
Use a sharp downward tug, or an elegant upward lift! You will
need to do this if you are recording the information gathered
from your audience.

The Dual Chart System

A very effective technique is to use two separate charts. You
can display contrasting ideas. For example, one can be used to
list the advantages and the other, disadvantages. This is
especially helpful when talking about complex, detailed sub-
jects which are likely to result in much discussion. Use of the
two-chart method will keep things more organized. Alterna-
tively, one could be used for prepared ideas, while the other
could be used to note creative thoughts arising spontaneously
from the floor.

Dark Coloured Pens

When working with flipcharts, be sure that your writing is
thick and dark. Light brown and yellow are very poor colours
as they cannot be read easily at any distance. It is extremely

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