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Have a Back-Up Overhead Projector

If you give presentations to large groups and your message
depends on overhead transparencies, I suggest you have a
projector with two built-in light bulbs, or a back-up, to ensure
that at least one works (so Murphy cannot get you!). Have the
back-up ready and close by just in case your bulb burns out.
While this might be extra work, it is a lot less stressful than
stopping mid-way through your presentation and trying to
change the bulb.


Whether professionally pre-printed or simple pads of plain
paper, flipcharts are very useful. However, they are only good
for groups of less than forty. Otherwise, the audience will not
be able to read your message. Follow the "Five by Five Rule":
never write more than five words across and five lines down.
Use only the top two-thirds of each page so that the third row
of the audience can still see everything.
     Your handwriting must be extremely neat. If you cannot
write clearly, have the charts professionally typeset in differ-
ent colours with specialized lettering, logos, etc. The cost is
minimal and the impact is tremendous. In preparing your
presentation flipcharts, follow the K I L L E M Rule: Keep It
Large, Legible, Exciting and Memorable.


Flipcharts can be great if you have all of your pages neatly
prepared in advance. The advantage too is that you will not
need note cards! You simply look at the charts as you go. When

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