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This is a new gadget I recently discovered abroad. If you have
a lot of loose transparencies to show, it can be very helpful.
Place the Instaframe on the projector and put the first trans-
parency in it. Adjust the frame’s position until the picture in
the screen is perfectly placed. Now you will have no problem
with the remaining 100 loose transparencies. Just throw them
into the Instaframe and they’ll be perfectly aligned every time.

Erasable Overhead Pens

If you write on your transparencies, and you plan to use them
again, you could place an acetate overlay on top of each one. Or
instead use water soluble pens! Have the washable ones
clearly marked. Do not mix them up with those used on the
flipchart! I’ve seen people completely ruin their presentations
because of that!
     To be on the safe side, keep permanent non-washable
pens away from the area where the transparencies are laid out
and you won’t risk using them.


If you intend to show several transparencies, have two piles:
one for those you are about to present and another for those
already used. Keep the "used" pile well away from the projector
to ensure there is no confusion.

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