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     An alternative to switching the projector on and off, is to
use a large sheet of thick paper or cardboard to blank out the
entire screen of the projector until you are ready to reveal the
transparency. When you change it, just lift the paper up to the
lens of the projector. The audience will not see the change on
the screen.

Important: Do not ever remove the transparency while the
overhead projector is on! This will hurt the eyes of the viewers
and look very unprofessional!

One Message Only
Ensure that overhead transparencies can be read easily. All
the effort you put forth is pointless if the words are too small
to be seen. The transparency - when not on the projector -
should be readable, without straining, from a distance of six
feet. If this is not possible, your type is too small. Make it
larger. Have the overheads laser printed with attractive type.

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