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Pictures and Drawings

If you use drawings, be sure that people understand what you
show them. Tell them what they are looking at! There is
nothing worse than to reveal a drawing and have everybody
wonder what it is. Be sure that the work is large enough for the
entire audience to see. Otherwise, put it in handouts and
distribute it at the end of your presentation.


If you refer to statistics, talk about trends, or compare percent-
ages, use a bar or pie chart. Itís much easier for your audience
to understand the difference between 67% and 33% if they can
visualize it. Bar charts are best because they are the simplest.
Use different colours to highlight the bars. Make sure your
graphs are uncluttered. Do not have too many bars or pie
sections. Also, on the graph, move from the largest item to the
smallest - each category on the graph should be progressively
smaller than the previous one or vice versa.

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