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What This Book Is Not About

I will not be talking about traditional public speaking skills in
this book. In the past, texts and courses on public speaking
focused narrowly on the art of speech - that is, the words you
use to get your ideas across. I define "speech" in a very specific
way. Indeed, the content of what you say is important. You
must have a message to share with other people before you can
communicate. However, I focus on how you communicate.
Successful presentations involve speech, but they also involve
an entire approach using many tools, which I will call the
"Presentation". This is the overall process by which you bring
your message across as effectively and accurately as possible,
using different techniques and communication aids. The
"speech" is only part of the process.

How is This Book Different from Others
on Communication?

Other books tell you how to choose your topic, how to organize
what you will say and thatís about all. Because there is so much
to making a presentation besides the content of your speech, I
have emphasized all of those critical things which public
speaking books leave out. We will look at such topics as how to
use body language to the fullest, how to rehearse, how to use
visual aids, how to use external equipment, and how to prepare
literally every detail to ensure a smooth and perfect presenta-
     Other public speaking handbooks emphasize the theory
of communication and provide general ideas as to how to relate
your topic to the audience. This book tells you all of the
practical secrets you need to master when delivering your

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