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A very effective way to demonstrate your point is to use three
dimensional models or samples. They are particularly useful
in product introduction sessions where the audience is actu-
ally shown the new item during the presentation. They
provide visual stimulation for your audience. Be sure that they
are large enough to be seen. If they are too big they should be
reduced in size. If too small, be sure to enlarge them.
     Place your models and samples in a central spot in the
meeting room, so that everyone will be able to see as you
demonstrate. If this isnít possible, position the samples so that
they can be easily viewed at the conclusion of your presenta-
tion. We all like to be shown something. However, itís not a
good idea to pass your model around in the audience during
your session as this distracts group attention from you.
     Be careful, as well, when passing around expensive
samples like gold coins, gadgets or expensive art objects - you
may not get them back! Instead, invite the listeners to take a
look at the end of your show.
     Do not use models for the sake of using them. Always have
a purpose. When in doubt, do not use any. Less is more. It is
better to have too few models than too many. But one is always
better than none!
     Make notes that refer to your models and mount them
directly on the back of each object. In this way, you can hold
them up for the viewerís benefit while reading the technical
information on the back! No one will notice that you are looking
at notes and everyone will be very impressed that you gave
such a detailed explanation from memory.

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