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Proofread Your Material

Check and re-check any handouts or visuals to ensure accu-
racy - especially if you are using a lot of numbers.
     With spelling, there will always be someone in your
audience who will catch mistakes in your material! Do your
utmost to eliminate this by having someone, preferably smarter
than you, go over the material in advance. It is hard to
proofread what you have written yourself.
     This advice applies to all pre-printed material: handouts,
overheads, slides, flipcharts, etc. Advance preparation mini-
mizes problems and embarrassments. Get someone to help


Type When to Give Out

  Plain note paper
  Key words only
  Diagrams, quotes, quizzes
  Brochures, order forms
  Fully-detailed notes
  References and readings

  Before starting presentation
  At start of presentation
  During or toward end
  Toward end of presentation
  After presentation
  After presentation

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