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Special Hints for
Powerful Presentation Visuals

Focus on presenting only one idea per visual. Choose your
words carefully. The fewer, the better. Large advertising
billboards have only about five words in total for maximum
impact! Avoid clutter. It is easier to read short bullet points
than long lines of text. Separate each point with a number and
an underlined title.
     Above all, make sure that your visuals actually do have
a message. Do not show pictures, pie charts, or tables of
numbers unless they are essential to the point being made.
Again, less is more. If it doesnít add anything, leave it out, no
matter how impressive you think it looks.
     If you have favourite quotations, cartoons, or statistical
charts, prepare an attractive transparency or slide. Use col-
ours to keep the audienceís attention.

Explain the Visual

Maintain eye contact with your listeners. Do not talk to the
overhead screen or your flipchart! Never, ever speak with your
back to the audience (even if they think you look better from
     Particularly if you are presenting to a large group, read
the visual aid out loud to ensure that everyone sees it. Audi-
ence members with vision problems appreciate this. Donít
always assume everyone can easily read what you show them.


Data presented with the help of a computer can look very
impressive. But remember: "Murphy" might visit you.... Things

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