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overhead). This causes a "loop" whereby the
sound of your voice coming from the speakers is
picked up by the microphone and re-amplified.
This can be corrected by walking away from the
sound system speakers. If you cannot spot the
problem, keep moving until it is resolved.
     As for your own microphone technique, practice certain
phrases to get the right distance. Consonants in particular
require some rehearsal, for if you are too close they will make
a loud "popping" sound. For example, rehearse words with the
letters "P" or "S". Try saying these phrases into your micro-

"Perfect prior preparation prevents poor performance"
"Peter, Peter pumpkin planter"
"Seven successive deficits"
"Tremendous titans with terrific temerity"
"White walruses wait restlessly for wandering revolutionary
"Take care to kindly correct all occurrences of careless"

     If you are speaking outdoors in a stadium of several
hundred people, you may have problems with the reverbera-
tion of the amplified sound of your voice. (Reverberation is sort
of an extra loud echo). Concentrate on listening to your own
voice rather than that coming out of the speakers, otherwise,
the few split seconds of delay will drive you bananas.
     Occasionally, things go wrong with microphones. Often
this is because they werenít properly tested and adjusted in
advance. For such occasions, itís useful to arm yourself with a
few one liners to ease audience tension (and your own)! Try

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