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attention first to those ideas which "grab" us most, like the ones
that are creatively conveyed to hold our interest.
     Because of today’s information explosion, we must learn
to compete with all of the other messages out there. It is critical
that we communicate as quickly and effectively as we can.
     The challenge in today’s world is to capture other people’s
attention - to get them to turn their concentration away from
others and focus on us and our ideas.

Master the Tools of Communication

Successful communication demands that you take advantage
of all the modern skills and aids available to ensure that your
message comes across as you intend it. The conveying of ideas
takes place in several dimensions at once.

     I hear - I forget.
           I see - I remember.
                 I do - I understand.   
                       - Confucius

     It takes more than just words to communicate an experi-
ence to others. You must involve your listeners in what you are
saying. They must experience your message using all of their
senses: sound, sight and touch - even smell and taste.

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