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- Briefcases: the thinner they are the more important is your
position in the company. (That is what everyone thinks - it
does not have to be true!) The darker the colour, the more
powerful the content. Avoid shiny or wild coloured briefcases.
Carry in it only the presenting material. NOTHING ELSE!
Absolutely nothing else.

- Pens should never be seen protruding from jackets or shirt
pockets. Please never use a BIC pen in front of a group! I have
a lot of them at my office and at home. But be sure not to use
them in front of prospective clients or when giving an impor-
tant presentation.
     Cross pens are a good investment; the Montblanc is a far
better writing instrument, but more costly. Any black, matte
finished imitation is acceptable.

- Eye glasses give the presenter a more intelligent, studious
appearance. But, if you donít need to wear them, do not buy
any! If you want to make an important statement or would like
to be more intimate with your listener, take your glasses off.

- You donít need to buy a Swiss Rolex watch to look powerful.
But donít appear with a $6.99 digital either. If you carry the
one you inherited from your grandfather, be sure it has a clean,
new band. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the dial, the thinner
the watch, the more powerful the look.

Dress powerful. . .
Stand powerful. . .
But mainly
   Think and Feel powerful!   

        - Peter Urs Bender

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