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- For shoes, again, dark is best. Dark colours, say some
experts, show a "down to earth" character. Brown shoes are
harder to match and do not go well with anything other than
brown outfits. Avoid white, grey or suede shoes.

- Do not appear too fashion conscious. This could imply that
you are governed by what others think and are less independ-
ent. Fashions tend to change very often. You’ll spend a lot of
money trying to keep up. Traditional, classic clothing is a
better investment and there are still many ways to appear

- For suit jackets, begin your presentation with the buttons
closed. Then once you are underway, undo them slowly. This
small gesture symbolizes your openness to the audience. It
suggests that you are ready for responsive communication.

- Be careful about jewelry, accessories, pens, etc. Make sure
these do not distract the audience. As mentioned previously,
remove all unnecessary items from your pockets. Avoid bulges
caused by keys, wallets, calculators, or dictaphones. Leave
these in your attache case or nearby purse.

- Perfume may enhance your presentation if it is used spar-
ingly and the scent is of good quality. A group of 10 to 20 will
certainly notice your choice. If your favorite fragrance builds
confidence, by all means use it.

- Above all, dress comfortably and be proud of who you are.
Your style of dress as you present should signal, most impor-
tantly, that you care about what you are doing. The way you
feel is the way you are. Be sure that you look the way you want
to be; that is, assured, confident, certain, secure and prepared!

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