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Tips for Understanding and Working with others
When working on communicating, we need to find ways to "connect" with others. Apart from a common language, we need to share interests and terminology to understand what the other is saing. In the same way, we must work to bridge our differences in personality.
     The following rule generally holds true:

     The further away you are from someone on the personality grid
     the more difficult it is to relate to them.

For example, a highly analytical person will likely find it difficult to work with someone who is very expressive. The same conflict could occur between a driver and an amiable. This is because their ways of thinking and working are quite different.

Most of the time we will not have the luxury of choosing who we will work with. Because of this, we must work with all personality types. To do this effectively, you will need to: The objective is to understand and relate to all other personality types. That is when communication clicks and working together works best.
Tips for Your Type
For the Amiable: For the Analytical: For the Driver: For the Expressive:
The Value of Personality Analysis
Here are some ways the personality analysis can help you become a leader:
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