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Quick Quiz to Identify Your Personality Type

In the following lists, check those words (or phrases) that describe you best in a business or work situation. Your score will be tallied for each group of words.
Group A Group B
 Reserved  Take-charge attitude
 Uncommunicative  Directive
 Cool  Tends to use power
 Cautious  Fast Actions
 Guarded  Risk-taker
 Seems difficult to get to know  Competitive
 Demanding of self  Agressive
 Disciplined attitudes  Strong opinions
 Formal speech  Excitable
 Rational decision-making  Takes social initiative
 Strict  Makes statements
 Impersonal  Loud voice
 Businesslike  Quick pace
 Disciplined about time  Expressive Voice
 Uses facts  Firm handshake
 Formal dress  Clear idea of needs
 Measured actions  Initiator
 Total  Total
Group C Group D
 Communicative  Slow pace
 Open  Flat voice
 Warm  Soft-spoken
 Approachable  Helper
 Friendly  Unclear about what is needed
 Fluid attitudes  Moderate opinions
 Informal speech  Calm
 Undisciplined about time  Asks Questions
 Easy-going with self  Tends to avoid use of power
 Impulsive  Indifferent handshake
 Informal dress  Deliberate actions
 Dramatic opinions  Lets others take social initiative
 Uses opinions  Risk-avoider
 Permissive  Quiet
 Emotional decision-making  Go-along attitude
 Seems easy to get to know  Supportive
 Personal  Cooperative
 Total  Total

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