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Secrets of Power Marketing

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What is this book about?

You cannot - not market

Everyone is marketing - the question is whether you do it well or poorly. I have heard some say "they do not market." They say that because they have a narrow definition of marketing.

Marketing is everything that you do
- or don't do that says something about you.

"Wow", you say, "Everything?" Yes. How you answer the phone - or don't; where you are seen or not; how you greet your customers or not; how often you contact your customers - or not; how well you dress - or not; how you show confidence - or not. Get the idea?

Secrets of Power Marketing explores five powerful marketing strategies. You can use all or one or few - what ever works for you. The five strategies are;
1.  Managing the power of Perceptions
2.  Building and maintaining Relationships
3.  Working with all forms of the Media
4.  Leveraging the limited resources you have to get more
5.  Employing Database marketing to get more from what you have and know

Well there you have it. To learn more you will need to buy, borrow or steal
this book. We recommend you buy your own copy - then mark it up with
highlighter and post-it notes. (How often does the author give you permission to write in the book?) You will find it packed full of useful marketing tips, ideas and techniques.

Have fun and tell us about your marketing ideas.

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