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S   Completion of project XYZ is a specific goal (as opposed to a
general statement like "I will do some more work on it").
M   Completion by the "end of the week" is measurable.
A   Is this something you can complete by yourself? If others are
involved, it is probably not attainable by you alone.
R   Is it realistic to think you can complete the whole project by
the end of the week? If not, pick a more manageable section of
it, and do that.
T   Do you really want to do this project? If not, select something
you want to accomplish.

This formula helps me in many ways. It is easy to remember. Because it
reminds me to select realistic goals, I know I will actually do them. It
also helps me set measurable goals -- so I can check my progress along
the way. I highly recommend it to you.
     Having a clear vision is essential. If you really know what you want,
you will probably get it. The vision will carry you through the tough
times. If your vision is not strong, problems may stop your progress. (By
the way...everyone experiences problems. High achievers and non-
achievers. The high achievers have learned how to get past them.)
     Persistence is another key. Major change usually does not happen
overnight (or "all of a sudden"). But one step, each day, towards your
goals will bring outstanding results. Stick with it.

     Note: I want to make one thing ver clear. I am not perfect -- so I
     am not expecting you to be perfect, either! We all have up times
     and down times. One day you might feel like taking on the world.
     The next, you might feel down in the dumps.
          In times like this, ease off the pressure. Get off your own back.
     Respect your feelings, and give your inner self some nurturing.
     When you're ready to get back into it, you'll feel stronger and reju-
     venated -- rather than drained or burnt out.

How you feel will determine
how you perform.

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