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     to be successful all of a sudden. Seek to be a success today, and
     every day. Work at it. Stay with it. Keep putting in the effort -- and
     you will get your return.


I am a strong believer in goals.
     Too often in life, we get stuck in patterns that are not working. We do
things that fill our days, but do not pay off in results. That is why it is
important to have goals. They move us forward.
     Simply defined, a goal is something you want to accomplish. It moti-
vates you to reach for it. This can be something material, like having a
new car or a bigger home. It could be creating your own business; devel-
oping new, lasting relationships; or giving yourself more time off work.
     To achieve a goal, you must focus your attention and energy, and take
action. Only by doing this will you see all that you can accomplish and
get the good feelings that come with success.
     To some, "having goals" means making a list each night of ten things
they intend to do tomorrow. To others, it is deciding on something they
want to do in the coming week. Still others see it as working towards a
long-term vision. Everyone has some kind of goal -- even if they do not
consciously practise "goal-setting."
     I want to share an idea that has worked for me. It is called the SMART
formula. When I set a goal, I make sure it is:

S pecific   It should be clearly defined, not vague.
M easurable   It can be measured.
A ttainable   It is within my power to do.
R ealistic   It is possible and not just a pipedream.
T ruthful   It is something I really want to do.

Here's an example:

"I will complete project XYZ by the end of this week."

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