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much more sharply than the line for return. Halfway into the project,
over 80 percent of the effort has been invested -- yet less than 20 per-
cent of the return has been reaped. Towards the end of the project, effort
declines as the return increases. So what does this mean?
     With any new project, you need to build up "momentum." That is
you need to invest more at the beginning than you get out. The reward
or the return comes later. I'm sorry to say that. But it's true.
     Think about what it's like to learn a new musical instrument. You put
in many hours of practice, and still you sound like the soundtrack of a
horror movie. But at a certain point, it shifts. Beautiful melodies begin
to come forth. It's the same way with singing. Learning a new language
or beginning a new hobby. Learning a trade or starting a new business.
(Boy, does it take time to get that started!)
     In everything you undertake, you are making an investment. Initially,
you will put in more time, energy, and maybe money than you get out.
But if it is a sound project -- and you stick with it -- you will get a
"return" on your investment. You may benefit financially; by gaining
experience and contacts; or by learning life's lessons like patience and
persistence. Not every project pays off in tangible ways. But if you give
your best, you will reap many benefits.
     This "investment attitude" will also help you to have patience. If you
realize up front that it takes a while to get results, you can prepare your-
self for the effort you have to put in. (It is like having a baby. No matter
how much you may want it in five months, Mother Nature says, "Sorry.
This one takes nine...")
     Remeber this on the road to being a leader. Be ready to invest in
yourself. Do not expect rewards right away. But know that one way or
another, you will be rewarded in the end.

     There is no such thing as "all of a sudden."
          Look at a company. Is it all of a sudden bankrupt? Not likely.
     Or how about a couple that all of a suddent gets a divorce? You
     can't tell me they didn't have problems beforehand. Then there's
     the star who became an "overnight success." Right. All of a sudden
     -- after many years of hard work.
          Most change begins a long time before it is noticed. Do not seek

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