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     line key information. use different colours. Make notes. In fact,
     make a mess out of it; not just because I may sell more that way,
     but because you will learn and remember more -- and get the
     utmost from it!


Many of us start projects but do not complete them. We have great ideas
but fail to reach our goals.
     This is partly because we do not get results fast enough. We work hard
for a time. But the effort we put in is greater than the results we get back,
so we stop.
     Success reinforces progress. It encourages us to keep going. Without
it, our confidence begins to decline. we start to doubt ourselves, ques-
tioning the benefit of what we are doing. We think it will not work -- and
then we pull out before it does.
     But look out! This is a trap! Why? Because of the principle of "Effort
and Return." The following graph shows what I mean.

Effort and Results Graph

This graph represents the effort and return invested over a time on a
typical project. in the graph, you can see that the line for effort rises

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