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Leadership from Within

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Over the years, I have developed two main themes for the keynotes, seminars, and workshops I give to organizations. One deals with the skills of making "power presentations." The other focuses on developing the qualities of leadership that I call "Leadership from Within."
     While I had not thought about it consciously, the two always seemed connected. I have only recently begun to see why.

Leadership + Presentation Skills = Success

     To make powerful presentations, you must be "connected" with your message. You have to know it inside out; feel it; live it; and express it with passion. The more intimately you know your topic and the more you believe in and want to share it with others, the more powerful you will be in presenting it. The same is true for leadership.
     The most powerful leader is the one who leads "from within." Not by a set of texts or what they learned in business school. Those help. But the power that comes from purpose and experience, and the leadership that comes from vision, are qualities that reside within us.
     Powerful leadership comes from knowing yourself. Power presentations come from expressing yourself effectively.
     In Secrets of Power Presentations, I outlined the quintessentials of speaking and presenting. This book is about knowing what to communicate - by developing the leadership qualities you have inside.

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