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      I'm an eight-hour sleeper. Others are six- to- nine-hour sleepers. Some
only need four hours a night. It doesn't matter how long we sleep. As long
as the energy we generate is sufficient to make us productive human beings.
The body needs, no question about it, a certain amount of sleep. The early
bird gets the biggest worms, but the second mouse eats the cheese.
      Sleep isn't the only way to generate energy. There are other elements
that help you to recharge your energy. For instance, good feelings and a
clear, positive vision. Even the weather can have an influence on your
energy level. And if you have managed to come to terms with your "reason
for living" (Why are we here? Why do we do things the way we do?) you
will find that to be a great energy generator.
      Many think there's a "ceiling" to the energy we generate and use.
Imagine a frog in a jar covered with a glass top. He jumps and jumps but
can't get past the lid. If he bumps his head once or twice, it prevents him
from going higher. He quits trying, even if you remove the lid.
      But we have more energy than we think. We see that in emergency
situations. Suddenly we are doing things we never thought we could do. Or
think of parents having young children. When you're older you experience
and imagine yourself having less energy. But if you have a mission-
something you absolutely have to do-your energy increases for doing it.
      That's why I say that the whole idea of using our energy to the fullest
involves "depleting" or using as much of it as we can. The more energy we
use, the more becomes available to us. The more we spend, the more we
      That's not an exaggeration. For example, if one is fatigued and yet
does some exercises the energy level rises. Just physically moving around
the room or office, or doing anything at all physical-that little bit of
exercise creates energy. If you jump a bit, for instance, you burn energy, but
you also create it-so, in fact, energy will be created by energy.
      You can use energy in a positive or in a negative way.
      Negative energy depletes you faster. There is an old Chinese saying
that if you dig a grave for revenge, be sure you dig two. Revenge involves
real negative energy and it's no exaggeration to say if you're indulging in it,
you're digging your own grave.
      When we get upset about something, or worry about something, that
activity burns negative energy. It's easy to say, "Don't worry about it," but as
soon as you're in a cycle of worry-and everyone gets into one from time to
time-you worry about it. When you worry, you burn negative energy. If
you're in a negative job, relationship, or environment, you always want to
get out of it. When relationships at home are not good, the environment is

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