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Underpaid, overworked & undervalued

There are two things people want more than sex and money:
Recognition and praise.
-Mary Kay Ash, business executive

Recognition and praise drive all of us. Mary Kay Ash's description fits
99.99% of the population. Ask individual workers. They see themselves as
underpaid, overworked, and undervalued. But if you probe a little you will
starving for recognition and praise!

If you ask their bosses, they most likely say that their employees are
overpaid, underworked, and overvalued. Who is right? Maybe neither.
Bosses could immediately become leaders if they recognized the need for
personal recognition and praise. Don't be quite so stinting with kind words.
What might it cost, apart from some unnecessary pride?

You can talk negatively about your own car. You might even refer to it as an
old rustbucket, a lemon, or a piece of junk. But if I ask you, "Did you come
to work in your old piece of junk today?" you'll probably get very upset
with me. It's okay for you to belittle something of your own (maybe even
tongue-in-cheek), but I don't have the same privilege.

The same holds true for your spouse. You might call your better half "the
sloppy, stupid old ____". One of my friends used to refer to his mother
(affectionately) as "the old bag". I've heard husbands referred to as "old
beer-guts" or "the couch potato". But let someone else refer to him or her in
those terms, and watch out!

If you make the right decision, using your Gutfeeling, you will call it one of
your skills.

If you make the wrong decision you will blame it on Gutfeeling.

When did you last think you were underpaid, overworked, and undervalued?

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