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     Known by the major media as "Canada's Presentation Guru", Peter Urs Bender's philosophies on presentation techniques have been quoted by the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Commercial News, Canadian Business magazine, Success magazine and many other North American and European papers.

For the Meeting Planner

What makes a Good Convention?
Text Version (1648) Words)
Management Magazine

Train Without a Trainer
Text Version (646 Words)
Sales Promotion

Leading with vision
Text Version (495 Words)
National Post A little Swiss chutzpah can get you love, clients
The Toronto Star

Savvy self-promoter discovers a silver
lining in every rain cloud
The Globe and Mail: Don't neglect your Presentation Skills
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Business Journal: The Medium is the Message
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The Toronto Star: Executive's apology shows good Leadership, expert says
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CMA Magazine: Frustrated with work Relationships? Lead from Within
Text Version (870 words)
The Financial Post Magazine: Power Talks
Text Version (2756 words)
Ivey Business Quarterly: Stand, Deliver and Lead
Text Version (2579 words)
Association: Frustrated with Office Politics?...Lead From Within
Text Version (1531 words)
Our Toronto Free Press: Living Successfully in good times or bad
Text Version (616 words)
The Sources HotLink: Leadership Review
Text Version (467 words)

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