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My Nephew's Video Review

Hi Uncle Urs!

I took a look at your "new" video preview this weekend. Although I don't want to sound too negative, I was not very impressed. Before I get into detail, may I ask who this video is being targeted to?

It seems a little too comical and outdated. You do manage to get your message across, but I believe that there is too much emphasis on humor. The sound effects come across as "cheesy" instead of "effective" and "modern". At first I thought you were selling children's books.

I believe that it is not so much your presentation that affected me poorly, but the comical style that surrounds you. The blue screen behind you was not being used effectively and the sound effects were ad nauseum. Perhaps less "effects" and more "reality" is required.

Uncle Peter, I hope I did not discourage you with my blatant honesty. My opinions are strong, but again only one person's opinions. Feel free to discuss this with me further at any time.

P.S (I preferred the other haircut!)

When I originally received his email I have to admit I was upset. But I appreciated the honest feedback of a younger person. I put it away in the file and didn't tell anyone about it except my assistant George. A few months later I had an idea how to use it

I put his letter on the website, and called Eric to check what I did with the letter he wrote me a few months ago. He called back and left me the following voicemail:

"Dear Uncle Urs:
I love your new website section on 'Uncomplimentary Reviews.' I'm so happy you could make use of my letter. I think you are a master in marketing. I'm really proud to be your nephew. I would also like to let you know I'm going back to university to get my M.A. in Marketing. It must run in the blood!!"

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