The power is within you
by Peter Urs Bender

(NC)-To make a powerful presentation, you must be "connected" with your message. The more you believe in it, feel it and want to share it with others, the more powerful you will be in presenting it.
   Think of two speakers. One is talking about a subject they've learned. The other is talking about something they've lived. What's the difference?
   The first one's knowledge is second hand, based on someone else's experience. it tends to be more intellectual. It may have good ideas, but doesn't leave as lasting an impression.
   The second is more likely to stay with you. It's not about something: it is something. It contains emotion, natural humour and insight. The more that speaker draws on his/her own reservoir of personal experience, the better the presentation.
   Whenever you speak, make sure the subject matters to you. Share personal stories and experiences. And speak from the heart. Give a speech that YOU would really want to hear if you were in the audience!

Peter Urs Bender is author of the best selling book Secrets of Power Presentations. For more tips, see

-News Canada