Quick Tips for speaking in public
by Peter Urs Bender

1) Do not read your speech. Read your audience. Too many yawns, glazed eyes and inattentive faces mean you are not connecting. Afterwards, ask for feedback.
2) Wath your body language. Are you hiding behind a lectern? Are your movements angry and threatening? Do you look like you don't care? Stand up. Be seen. Reach out. Be intimate, not intimidating.
3) The shorter yoru speech, the better. Most meetings and gatherings are behind schedule anyway. The length of your speech is not what's important: getting your message across is. Time is the only non-renewable resource. So don't fill it. Use it!

People want to hear you, see you, feel you and believe you. Give them all you've got, and leave them wanting more.

Peter Urs Bender is author of the best selling book Secrets of Power Presentations. For more tips, see www.PeterUrsBender.com

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