More Tips for being a Leader in your own life
by Peter Urs Bender

1) Write down your ideas, visions and dreams. Keep a notebook.
2) Start with the end result in mind. See it clearly, then work backwards to the present to discover what steps you need to get there.
3) Take daily action toward your goal or vision (Do not try to be perfect. Just take consistent action.)
4) Learn the "system"--the "how-to" skills of life. Whether you want to dance, make presentations, open a business, or improve your relationships, learn how others have been successful in creating their results.
5) Communicate your ideas and activities to others. You don't have to be "the best." Just be visible--so others will know where to find you, when they need you.
6) Exercise physically. It keeps the mind flexible too.
7) Relax and enjoy what you do. Fear and stress block creativity and action.

Peter Urs Bender is author of the bestselling books, Leadership From Within and Secrets of Power Presentations. For more tips, see

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