Don't get stuck in paralysis by analysis

by Peter Urs Bender

(NC)-You're either right- or left-brained. Or sometimes, like myself, you feel you're right in the middle. No-brained!
   The left part of our brain rules the right side of us. Analysis, accounting, logic, and systems are its characteristics. The right side rules the left part. Emotion and intuition, music, art, and poetry come from the right. Gutfeeling also comes from the right side of the brain. When we try to analyse and justify our feelings with the left brain-we often end up throwing Gutfeeling out!
   If you are right-brained by nature, you won't have much of a problem getting in touch with your Gutfeeling. It will come naturally. You will still have to work at it, but it won't seem a difficult chore.
   If you're left-brained, it's a totally different story. You prefer rational, analytical thinking. As we all know, analysis kills spontaneity. Business people know that too much analysis results in paralysis (even when making love…).
   Paralysis by analysis. That's a condition that many modern commentators have observed in fields as different as sports, writing, politics, and business. For individuals, it's a fact that the more analytical you are, the more difficult it is to get "the feeling,"
   Then, if by some chance you do latch on to a Gutfeeling, your first impulse is to analyse it. Don't! At least not right away.
   I suggest that if you're an analytical person, the minute you sense a Gutfeeling, write it down. Forget about it for a while. I must confess that I myself am left-brained by nature. Educated in Switzerland, I was trained in the banking and accounting fields. I like to keep track and systematise things.
   I never would have been able to write a book if I had not trained myself to catch my intuitions on the fly. I make simple notes of them. Eventually I let my left brain have a look at these teasing thoughts and try to organize them. But I don't try too hard. I know if I do I will analyse them out of existence.
   I do a fast analysis, then let it go. Then in a week or so I go back and revisit those feelings. I try to let the feelings themselves speak to me. Very few ideas, thought, feelings, or intuitions are so good than they cannot be destroyed by logical analysis. The result is "paralysis analysis."
   The more analytical you are, the more important this exercise becomes. Deep inside, as humans, in one way we are all the same. We buy on emotion and justify it with logic.

   When did you last buy something over budget and then justify it with logic?

   Exerpt from Gutfeeling:Instinct and Spirituality@Work, by Peter Urs Bender,