Chocolate better than sex?

by Peter Urs Bender

(NC)-It's been said that many women love chocolate more than sex. The simple fact is that anything you like to do must give you satisfaction. It may be momentary or long term-but it must be fulfill one of your needs. For instance, the taste of chocolate makes most women feel good for a short time.
   If you don't like chocolate, you won't get any satisfaction from it. Therefore you probably wouldn't even touch it. You might like food, work, alcohol, nicotine, sex, or whatever. There are many interesting and exciting things to satisfy your needs. After all, we're human.
   Gutfeeling is similar to chocolate. If you listen to it, it can make you feel good. But if you don't get any satisfaction, you won't believe in it.
   Nevertheless, we agree human beings strive for satisfaction. We also have to agree that we all have feelings. Can we harness and make use of them?

   When was the last time you consciously asked yourself,
   "What gives me satisfaction?"

   Exerpt from Gutfeeling:Instinct and Spirituality@Work, by Peter Urs Bender,