For men only...

by Peter Urs Bender

(NC)-Ingrid Bergman, the great Swedish movie star said: "You must train your intuition-you much trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide."
   That was an astute observation on how women make more and better use of intuition. Even today, men are more likely to be raised to pay little attention to their emotions-especially Gutfeeling, intuition, and inner feelings. However, more and more male managers are able to escape this trap. That says a lot about our society. It is gradually changing-and about time, too!
   Women do pay more attention to their emotions than men. They are able to combine their thought processes with their intuitions. They do this, instinctively, I believe. This is not to say that women are not capable of cold, hard, analytic, so-called scientific thinking. But they seem able, even in the midst of tremendous social pressures, to maintain their Emotional Quotient. And merge it with their modern business thinking.
   Are women superior to men when it comes to listening to their Gutfeeling? I would have to answer yes. I also have many male friends who have told me that women managers have given them astonishing insights into the problems they had-especially if there was an emotional dimension to them. In fact, many men have come to rely on the input of female judgement in this area.
   Is there a moral here? Yes. If a man is not listening to his Gutfeeling, he would be well advised to take counsel in this area. He should connect with a woman whose judgement he trusts. He will be amazed at the emotional insights the opposite sex can offer. They could be applied to a simple, straightforward business plan. Or a complex merger or two totally different departments or companies. If a man is not too bullheaded, or afraid to take counsel from a woman, he should learn to listen to his female colleagues.
   There are many instances in modern business, where a woman's words about a business plan have been almost visionary. They see things men don't, and make plans using considerations that are often ignored by males. Part of listening for your own intuition should be listening to what women have to say about the same things. Don't be afraid! It won't hurt too much!

   When was the last time you really listened to a woman's viewpoint about your business plan? Seriously now?

   Exerpt from Gutfeeling:Instinct and Spirituality@Work, by Peter Urs Bender,