Everything needs a system

by Peter Urs Bender

(NC)-No less a person that actress Marlene Dietrich said that "Logic is the key to an all-inclusive spiritual well being." Logic as the key to spirituality, instinct and intuition?
   Yes. It's like accounting. Consistency of approach is what counts.
   Accounting is something we're all familiar with. Without it we'd be unable to run our businesses properly. It's possible to fumble along for a while with a notebook, a good memory, and a boxful of receipts-but a business won't go anywhere using those methods.
   Real accounting, the type invented by the Italians a few hundred years ago, is a system. You have to work at it to make it work, and you have to follow its rules to make sense of its results. At its best, it's a predictor of business events: at its worst, it's a mental straitjacket.
   Spirituality is similar. It's a system, too. It doesn't drop like manna from heaven. It starts as a feeling, a tingling, a gut instinct, an intuition. It requires you to listen to it, to be aware of it, to work at it until it begins to "bloom". At its best it's a modifier of behavior: at its worst, it too, is a straitjacket.
   What's the similarity between spirituality and accounting? At first it seems they're not similar at all. Accountants are often analytical people. Reason and logic are their tools. They don't seem to rely on intuition much, and don't often acknowledge spirituality at all.
   But...spirituality is built on a structural base when you understand it. It requires logic and reason to operate. Do you think someone who knows nothing about accounting comprehends it instantly? Understanding and the ability to use accounting require training and experience. So does spirituality.
   Both systems, however, appear very illogical if you don't understand them. As a matter of fact, anything you don't understand in life is very complicated and often seems illogical. Computers, chess, card games, email, to name a few. But as soon as you gain some understanding, and begin to work at a system-it becomes easy to do. You might even begin to understand its logic!
   Look again at accounting and spirituality-there is a system to accounting; there is a system to spirituality. In general, the accountant does not see the system of spirituality, and I think spirituality does not often see the system of accounting. But they do work together.

   That's because system is the basis of both of them. It helps those who are confused get less confused, and those who already have talent to excel. In my book Secrets of Power Marketing, I talk about the importance of a system. I say that if you have a talent for a task and a system to approach it, you can do the task easily. If you don't have a talent and you have no system don't try the task.
   The system for accounting is in numbers.
   The system for spirituality is in meditation.

   In your present occupation, can you see the system? If not, look again!

   Exerpt from Gutfeeling:Instinct and Spirituality@Work, by Peter Urs Bender, www.Bender.ca.